Bill Burley Photography


Born a compulsive artist, I grew up drawing and painting. They were my focus of study in school, culminating in a studio art degree. I majored in painting, but also spent many hours behind the camera and in the darkroom. I enjoyed a long career in web development and design before deciding to pursue photography full-time.

My landscape photography practice is a continuation of my painting interests; substituting light for pigment. I use the American West as my primary motif and muse. The expansive skies, massive forms and dazzling light provide undeniable drama and endless inspiration. I love exploring in the mountains and canyons, hunting for compelling conditions and unique perspectives.

Despite the name of the subdomain, I do not offer prints at this time. Sales tax requirements consume too much time or money.

I do currently offer high-resolution downloads suitable for self-printing. I will be offering prints soon, but now I'm focusing on time behind the camera.

The carousel images above are archived in sets at I post updates and recent shots of my travels and projects frequently and archive them there. The portfolio site is hosted by Photoshelter which handles templating, image management, watermarking and a secure shopping cart.

I also post updates on Facebook: and occasionally Instagram:

  • I provided photographs for my dad's book Cardinal Points of View; a chapbook of short stories, poems, essays, and ephemera in paperback on Amazon.

    Images from the book are available for download spread throughout my portfolio galleries. Remaining images not in other galleries can be found in this gallery.